How to post your own entry.

I'm hoping everyone will post an entry of your favorite books and things you'd like to read in book group.

So here's what you do:
  1. In the upper right of the blog click "Sign In"  and sign in OR if you are already signed in go to step 2.
  2. Click "New Post" which will take you to the form for a new post.
  3. You type in a title (If this is for your favorites list, please include your first name).
  4. Then in the big box below type up your list If you want to say why you like or recommend a book you can but if that is daunting, don't bother. You can also just list your books for now and then when you have time go back and edit it and add in why you recommend it, but again, you don't have to. 
      • If you want to group things  by genre or ratings or author you can, but again you don't have to. 
      • You can keep it super simple or add in links and such.
      • Chelsea put a star next to books to warn of graphic content and put her all-time favorites in bold. Using this same system would make things simpler.
      • You can copy and paste your list from elsewhere.  It occurs to me that you could do this from goodreads if you created a separate shelf and then copied that into a word document and deleted the unnecessary columns then pasted here.  Then, like our page of what we've read, there would be links automatically to the book on goodreads.  
  5. Label it with the "Book Lists" label and your name + list (ie. Mary Anne's list).
  6. Then publish your post.
  7. Whenever you think of another book you'd like to add just go to your post, click on the pencil icon to edit,  add it and then hit publish.

These lists will show up in the "Book Data" box on the right of the page.  (I'll take care of that).

Let me know if you need help.  I think a lot of you have blogs, but I know it's new to some of you too, so feel free to ask me.

Mary Anne

P.S.  I discovered that you CAN leave notes on a page so if you have questions you can post it as a comment here so others can see (assuming that others might have the same questions).

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