History:  This group branched off from another group in the fall of 2008.  See the What We Have Read Page for a list starting in the summer of 2007 when I moved here.

Rules for the site:
When you post please use all applicable labels (authors, genres, titles, etc)
At the moment this is a public site so be sure to omit any personal information that you don't want on the World Wide Web.  
No addresses, phone numbers, last names or meeting date & times.  

Book Posts:  Originally we had two posts for each book we read, but I realized that I'd made it too complicated now we have one post per book.

Ratings:  I'd wanted to do ratings, but we haven't nailed down a system for that yet.  Any ideas, let me know.

Suggestions:  If you have suggestions post them as a comment on the "Suggestions" page.